CASE STUDY 4: Tema, ghana 

Unusually, on this visit Project Manager Peter Tomlin was accompanied by ITF Seafarers’ Trust’s, Head of Trust, Kimberly Karlshoej.  The visit included visits to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) to meet with the Director General Richard A. Y. Anamoo and meetings with Tema Port Director Jacob Adorkor.

The team also took the opportunity to visit the Sailors’ Society Seafarers’ Centre in Tema, which has fallen into disrepair over the past decade but is still used extensively by the maritime community.

​The well attended inaugural meeting of the Tema Port Welfare Committee was chaired by the Director of the Port and the opening address was given by the Ghana Deputy Transport Minister the Hon. Joyce Bawah-Mogtari. Both Peter Tomlin and Kimberly Karlshoej gave presentations on the formation of Port Welfare Committees and the work of the ITF Seafarers' Trust. Following the opening address by the Minister and the presentations, the PWC Chair, Dr Kofi Mbiah, CEO of the Ghana Shipper’s Council gave a closing address and all of the Port Welfare Committee members were introduced to the Deputy Transport Minister.​​

ISWAN is grateful to all who participated in this inaugural meeting and wishes the PWC a successful future as it reviews and contributes towards the improvement of seafarers’ welfare in Ghana.

In early 2016, the International Port Welfare Partnership Project visited the busy port of Tema, near Accra in Ghana.

A major port in the West African sub-region, Tema welcomes around 1,500 ships per year and has firm plans to expand to accommodate over 2,000 ships in the relatively near future.

The Port of Tema is not only essential to the Ghanaian economy but also to the neighbouring, land locked countries it supplies. In a region that has experienced acts of armed robbery and piracy at sea, Tema acts as a ‘safe haven’ port.