It is therefore considered timely, and appropriate, given that the Convention commends the Merchant Navy Welfare Board and its Port Welfare Committee structure as a guide or template for shore-side welfare provision.  Notwithstanding, MNWB is fully aware that it's model may have to be adapted to take local geographical, political and cultural considerations into account.

Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) 

As the National Seafarers' Welfare Board for the United Kingdom, the MNWB is proud of its highly developed Port Welfare Committee structure, which includes 15 committees in the UK and one in Gibraltar. The success and effectiveness of these is underpinned by its longstanding, trusted and positive partnership with Voluntary Organisations. Indeed, MNWB welcomes proactive representation from Voluntary Organisations on each PWC and on its National Council. It is the strength of these maritime partnerships that ensures a local, regional and national focus on seafarers’ welfare across the UK. MNWB will continue working in close collaboration with Ship Owners and their representatives, Port Owners & Authorities, Unions, Flag States and Voluntary Organisations and extend that partnership knowledge and expertise to an international level.

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership on this programme, which consolidates and builds on the Board’s expertise and reflects it's mission statement:

"Supporting the provision of quality welfare services for seafarers and their dependants"

The rationale for the MNWB undertaking the programme is to encourage and extend “the formation of seafarers’ welfare boards, on a global basis”, as recommended in MLC, 2006. As it stands countries or ports wishing to establish Welfare Boards of any kind have little guidance or support available to them.