​​Step 1. First, submit an initial 'expression of interest' to participate in the ISWAN IPWP programme via the ‘Contact Us’ webpage.

Step 2. Depending on who you represent in the maritime industry, contact local government, port owners/authorities, ship owner (normally Ships Agents), unions, voluntary (NGOs) and social organizations representative/s willing to participate in a newly formed welfare board. Ask these representatives to submit their individual ‘expression of interest' also via the website. If necessary, put their details in for them! The IPWP programme needs to know who from the port community is interested and short lists those ports requiring the assistance.  

Step 3. Select a suitable person to act as the local welfare board or PWC coordinator to liaise with the IPWP programme team.

Step 4. Once you have enough potential key members hold an informal, initial welfare board meeting to provisionally decide locally on the election of a Chairman, Vice Chair and PWC Administrator (or local title equivalents) for the first year.

Step 5. Liaise with the IPWP Administrator to confirm a formal inaugural meeting date and, if appropriate, start to organize provisional outline visit programme. All templates will be provided by the IPWP support team.

Step 6. IPWP and coordinator confirm IPWP visit programme (IPWP Administrator provides PWC Administrator with 'calling notice' letter and agenda templates) and confirm inaugural meeting arrangements (agree funding/venue/lunch arrangements).

Step 7. Hold inaugural meeting and officially launch welfare board with IPWP in attendance. Confirm welfare plan to support and where possible improve seafarers access to shore based welfare facilities.

Step 8. Post-meeting, IPWP helps PWC Administrator to produce draft Minutes, PR etc.  Officially join ISWAN global network of port welfare boards (IPWP provides assistance and templates).

The 8 Step Guide to establish a Seafarers’ Welfare Board OR Port Welfare Committee (PWC)