Shipowners, which we represent in Germany, ensure that our crews are cared for both at sea and ashore. In addition to international standards, German shipowners provide seafarers’ welfare in many different ways, be it through pension funds or extra training.

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines we provided immediate help to seafarers and their families who had been impacted by the nature of this disaster. Social responsibility is a core identity of German shipping.

Seafarers safely carry goods and passengers over the sea every day, their efforts are indispensable for prosperity everywhere across the globe. It is in everyone’s best interests that welfare of seafarers is promoted and practiced around the world. Working in partnership with flag and port state authorities, unions and voluntary organisations, such as seafarers’ missions, can really enhance the quality of life of our seafarers.

We therefore commend the ISWAN pilot project to our fellow shipowners and hope that many Seafarers’ Welfare Boards will be established in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention."

ship owners

Ralf Nagel, CEO, German Shipowners' Association states:

"We are proud to partner this pilot project because it supports the Maritime Labour Convention. The Convention enshrines numerous social standards such as working and rest periods, medical treatment, food and accommodation of seafarers worldwide. We strongly support the adoption of international standards that apply to every ship worldwide.

The Maritime Labour Convention will raise social standards across the board; even ships sailing under flags of states that have not ratified the Convention cannot circumvent the standards. That is important because if any violations of the Convention are identified in the cause of port state control, severe sanctions can be imposed.